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PA Hypnosis Specialists from BuxMont Hypnosis Celebrate World Hypnotism Day

Abington, PA – Hypnosis has been accepted as a valid, scientific treatment since the mid-1950’s, by both The American and British Medical Associations, and it has been widely accepted by medical practices across the Western world. The benefits of hypnotism are known, understood, and studied by established academic institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. The United States military forces have also studied and utilized hypnosis.Each year, World Hypnotism Day is celebrated to create awareness about hypnotism as a legitimate tool with effective results. This year in honor of World Hypnotism Day on January 4th, 2015, the hypnotists at BuxMont Hypnosis gave gifts to some of their clients. Often, the gifts are given to an individual to aid, inform, or enhance the work they are doing to make positive lifestyle changes.

Many times people are hesitant to try hypnotism as a tool for changing some of their negative habits or behaviors. However, there are many advantages to opening your mind to hypnosis. Hypnotism works by focusing on the part of the mind that is often neglected in medicine: the unconscious. By subconsciously suggesting changes to improve anything from unhealthy sleeping habits, to weight gain, and stress, hypnotism has a wide range of benefits for individuals.

World Hypnotism Day was created to educate the general public about the truth and benefits of hypnotism. The special day spreads awareness so people know hypnotism is a scientifically researched approach that has worked for many. In addition, World Hypnotism Day events encourage individuals to begin or continue their process to create positive, personal life changes. To find out more about the advantages of using PA hypnosis services through success stories at BuxMont Hypnosis, visit: /success-stories.

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Hypnosis has helped countless people sleep peacefully, lose weight, quit smoking, and manage stress and other unhealthy behaviors or habits. Knowing this, Dawn Govan-Reese began BuxMont Hypnosis to help people find their inner strength so that they may take control over their own lives.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool and a natural way to achieve your goals. Working with the unconscious part of the brain, hypnosis persuades clients to change their habits and it encourages self-empowerment in a natural, relaxed, and healthy way. To book an appointment with Dawn Govan-Reese of BuxMont Hypnosis visit / or call 267-622-5103.

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