Success Stories

Hypnosis Success Stories

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many wonderful, motivated clients. Each client’s success stems from their ability and willingness to be a partner in the hypnotic and coaching process. With a little guidance and support, the huge majority of people are capable of breaking through barriers, finding their power, and improving their lives.

Following are just a few of the many success stories in our practice. They were extracted from thank-you notes, emails, survey forms, voice mails  and summary sheets. To honor confidentiality, identifying information may be deleted.  Many of our successful clients tell us that Hypnosis works beyond  traditional methods. Hypnosis supports your decision to lose weight, stop smoking now, better your life by helping to naturally shift your behaviors and choices because you want to, not because you have to. Whether Nail Biting, Trichotillomania, fears or things keeping you stuck, Hypnosis will help create great possibilities for you Hypnotically.

I highly recommend Buxmont Hypnosis. Dawn not only has great knowledge and experience in the field of hypnosis therapy but also has a passion for her profession. She is a practitioner that truly cares about her clients. This care and passion is displayed through her words and actions as she helps people move forward in their lives. With Dawn’s help and guidance, I have personally been able to overcome some difficult obstacles in my own life and encourage anyone who is somehow “stuck” or unable to overcome life’s difficulties or having a hard time attaining a goal, to give this method of healing a try. Once I was able to release my old ways of thinking, I was then able to embrace and approach life in a much healthier and more positive way.

Lisa F.

I highly recommend Buxmont Hypnosis not just for adults but for children too. My son took Singulair for six months which sadly has a lot of bad side effects. Dawn amazingly helped him through these side effects and got him back to the fun-loving, carefree boy he once was. He now has the tools to handle any stress or anxiety that comes his way. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Don’t hesitate for one moment going to Buxmont Hypnosis. Dawn will change your life. Dawn is the kindest, most positive, amazing woman. Before you take your child to a therapist or psychiatrist take him/her to Buxmont Hypnosis. It will be the best decision of your life. Your child will thank you for eternity!!

Cherri T.

Back On Track
I came to Buxmont Hypnosis (BMH) as a goal oriented client with an open mind and rudimentary understanding of Hypnosis. I had a mission and wanted assistance. After much research  I selected BMH because I wanted a Hypnotist without the unnecessary bells and whistles. They understood my needs and worked to focus me. I am a very regimented person and fell into psychological noise that caused self defeat and self sabotage. If you believe and allow yourself the benefit of qualified hypnosis, Buxmont can help you be a better you and achieve your goals.

Dennis H.  (Police Officer Sgt.)

I came to Buxmont Hypnosis seeking help for PE/ED (Erectile Dysfunction). Within a few weeks I was performing flawless in the bedroom. I was amazed. They changed my life  forever and I owe them so much. I would highly recommend anybody to BuxMont Hypnosis.

Mike S. (Construction)

I love you so much. I’ve been so busy with success using the skills you taught me. I am on a roll and doing great.  Thank you BuxMont Hypnosis.

Z. Precious

Tricotillomania (Hair Pulling)
My experience with Buxmont Hypnosis has been very successful. Everyday I continue to progress and never think about going back to my old habit. I look forward to my my new happy life and living the way I want to and should be. I now wear makeup because I want to instead of wearing it to conceal the pain.

Laura D. Medical Lab

Just Stuck
I came to Dawn and Stan to help me overcome obstacles in my business. Within the first week things started falling into place. I came to realize the stress I created regarding time commitment was gone. The knots in my stomach left and I am sleeping better.  The brain software and suggested reading material is priceless as I learned how to let go of critical thinking about myself and others.  Things seem to flow more easily. I look forward to the continuation of my journey. Thank you BuxMont Hypnosis.

Jean D. Internet Franchise Owner

I Was So Angry
I was frustrated & desperate when I contacted Dawn. I didn’t know if she could help me with my issues. Seeing counselors for over 25 years and still unhappy. I’d get angry and react without thinking, ruined a lot of my relationships. Dawn took time to get to the real issues, she explained my program and even started me the day of  my consultation.  After a few sessions I started feeling lighter and in control of my life. I’m growing, more positive and the happy person I was meant to be.


Weight Loss Emotional Eating/Take control of your own mind!

by scottg91 at Citysearch

Be comfortable in your own skin and transformed… 2009 and still maintaining in 2014.
Buxmont Hypnosis changed my life, as well as my mentality on life. My journey with Buxmont Hypnosis began when I was 223 pounds at the age of eighteen. The heaviest I had been in my life. I was embarrassed and ashamed. Part of my problem was letting negative emotions and feelings control me. I wanted and needed to make a change in my life. However, I just had no idea where to start. Buxmont Hypnosis gave me the motivation to change. Hypnosis helped me change my way of thinking, feel comfortable in my own skin and boost my confidence. The team at Buxmont Hypnosis are a really a great  support system for whatever you are going through. I have learned to utilize the tools that I was taught, and to apply positive affirmations in my life everyday! Through Buxmont Hypnosis coaching and stay with you guarantee it feels wonderful to have the security of ongoing support.What has happened to me changed my life.  I weighed in at 223 pounds .  Through hypnosis at Buxmont Hypnosis there was such an astonishing turbo charge to my esteem and confidence that I started really caring about myself and I lost  a total of 97 unneeded pounds. And, I feel so good. The stress and sadness are gone. I’m relaxed and having fun again. I now have a teaching position and finished school for training as a massage specialist and reflexologist. I never ever thought Hypnosis could be so motivational.  Thank You BuxMont.

Gloriana S. (Teacher)

My personal experience at BuxMont Hypnosis has been nothing but delightful. Stan and Dawn are two of the kindest most genuine people we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are truly the “what you see is what you get” type couple. My husband and I came for weight loss and lifestyle change. So far we lost 47 pounds within 2 months, after years of struggle. In the beginning I was receptive yet guarded “I’m the show me type”. The support was important yet, ultimately, it was my desire to be the best me that drives me to continue on the road to success.  Thank you BuxMont Hypnosis for helping me develop the tools (mindset) to stay the course.

Donna and Joe

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation
I have enjoyed my sessions and for the first time in forty years of two packs a day, I have stopped smoking and learned relaxation techniques. The home hypnosis programs are a bonus to help me stay committed to a healthier life and less stressful one.

Linda S. -Willow Grove PA

I started the program to avoid sabotaging my husband’s desire to quit for good. I was smoker since age 11, that’s 38 years of cigarettes. I’m breathing better and can run without stopping for air.  My hair, my house and my sheets are no longer smelly and my teeth and face are brighter.
Thank You,  BuxMont Hypnosis.

Shellie D. –Feasterville, PA

BuxMont Hypnosis has done wonders for me. I smoked a pack and a half a day for over 20 years. “After two weeks no “sigs”.

John D.  -Feasterville, PA

I have smoked heavily smoked for over 30 years. My wife and three sons were sick and tired of my smoking but, I couldn’t give it up. I  heard that hypnotism could help in breaking this habit but, I was always skeptical. Finally I decided to try hypnosis as nothing else was working and I was still stuck on the habit. I found Buxmont Hypnosis on the internet. I spoke with Dawn and set up a free screening appointment she was most helpful and understanding.  I gained so much confidence from Dawn that I decided to use Hypnosis.  I truly cannot explain how Hypnosis has changed my life. After the first session, I gave up smoking completely and have not smoked since. I have given up smoking voluntarily without being forced to give it up. It has changed my life completely. It has been three weeks now and I have not smoked at all. And I do not feel any desire for smoking at all.

Ansar T.    Hospital Administrator-Retired

“I am so happy that I decided to come to Buxmont Hypnosis to not only quit smoking, but to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety. I’m healthier and I feel great. I could never have quit smoking on my own, and I am so grateful for the help and great results. I’m looking forward to getting back into my exercise routine and just looking better!  I received so much more than the cost of the program.”

Alexis K.

“I have smoked cigarettes for 32 long years, the patch did not work nor did cold turkey. Smoking one to one and a half packs a day brought me to a decision to make changes for my life, my health.  I was skeptical at first about the procedure and process of  Hypnosis. During the process I started to slow down smoking  after my first session, yet after my second session  I just shut down the smoking.  Thank You BuxMont Hypnosis.  I look  forward to more play time with my kids and time with my family. And a healthier me.”

David J.

“I can’t believe how great I’m doing! After smoking a pack a day for almost 50 years, I wasn’t entirely sure if it would be possible to stop. But I did stop. Even though you showed me craving control techniques, I really didn’t have to use them. I feel terrific. My eyes are clearer, if that makes any sense. My breathing is better. I’m walking more! Thanks for everything. Dawn explained that 10-15 years of no smoking my life expectancy is comparable to people who never smoked”. If you are hesitant because of cost add up 50 years of a pack a day. You got it!

Bob M.

“I decided about a month ago to stop smoking for my better health and life. It was tough to quit because I was a heavy smoker I was a little skeptical at first that my addiction could end over night.  My grandfather told me about the effectiveness of Hypnosis, so I gave it a try. After discussing the problem with Dawn and my first session my addiction was over. My second session I actually came to abhor cigarettes. And today, my third session I conclude I’m a changed person.  To change you must want to change!  To all of the doubters, Hypnosis is effective so give it a try!!  And with the money I’m saving I’m going to Israel now.”


“Such a risky health habit everything around me smelled of tobacco, my clothes, my house, even my car and I smoked with the window OPENED! I was feeling so disgusted with myself but it was a huge part of my life. I hated the smell and the taste and how it made me feel. Thanks to BuxMont Hypnosis I’m liberated. I’m a lot more productive now with more vitality. I feel better in so many ways.”

Mariann P.

Five year old Sleeping in her own bed
I consulted with BuxMont Hypnosis for my 5 year old  daughter who wouldn’t sleep all night in her own bed. The Hypnotist, Dawn developed a nature audio and vuala she sleep in her own bed now Hypnosis is amazing they used puppets to help my little girl. Amazed…

Happy Mom Hatfield,  PA

Consumed by stress
BuxMont Hypnosis helped me when I was consumed by stress. I am now living my dreams after using the principles and tools Hypnosis provides. I encourage others to learn the benefits of Hypnosis to get your life back.

Silas Intensive Case Manager (Deaf Services)

Hypnosis for Sleep / Self-Confidence
Buxmont Hypnosis has saved me from myself, as I was thinking my way towards the middle of a rock and a hard place with no way out. I was given a set of tools in that have helped paved the way to my happiness. As a youngster, I had been a social butterfly and then fell into depression. I was taught, through Buxmont Hypnosis, that one positive thought is about a thousand times more powerful than a negative thought. I was also encouraged to start thinking positively, no matter the situation that I was in. I’ve known this all my life, but never really knew how to APPLY the concept. At this point in my life, I APPLY positive thinking in each and every activity I do. I’ve also been taught three powerful words- ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE and have utilized them to the max. Since being counseled on how to be more in control of the things I want, through the way I think, I’ve gotten result after result after result. The teachings of Buxmont Hypnosis has not only changed me, but it’s changed everything around me. I am forever GRATEFUL regarding what I’ve learned and have been sharing my experiences with others, so that they, too, can achieve happiness. THANK YOU Buxmont Hypnosis- for saving me. THANK YOU.

drbeatz at Citysearch

Love yourself
Buxmont Hypnosis changed my life! As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, I have learned how to be more calm and relaxed while feeling in control. I am a different person now and happier than I’ve ever been. My days have been less stressful due to all of the positive affirmations that I have learned through Buxmont Hypnosis. I am so blessed to have them as a part of my daily life. Buxmont Hypnosis is highly recommended for any type of obstacle you need to overcome, no matter how big or small your issue may seem to you!

by scooter73 at Citysearch

Much needed help!
I came to Buxmont Hypnosis to stop my self destructive behavior. I wanted to move forward in my life and let go of anger and frustrations that were holding me back from moving on. I realized I was self-sabotaging myself.  I found after a few sessions with Dawn a happier, healthier attitude started to emerge. I just didn’t seem to have that negative attitude anymore.  I really appreciate the help and knowledge I received. I am now able to utilize what I learned and bring it into my everyday life.
Thank you, S.R

Stanleyl at Citysearch

Hypnosis for Stress
“I knew all the methods I had tried in the past were no longer working. The Ambien, the Zolpidem wouldn’t help my chronic insomnia, and minimal relief I did get as far as a good night’s sleep was concerned, was either short-lived or unhealthy.  Chamomile tea, warm milk nothing helped.  My PCP refused something stronger and to support my dependency. I had no preconceived idea of what would happen at my session. I went because I felt desperate. Sleep has been impossibly elusive for years. The sessions with you changed my life. You are such a good listener that you managed to help me with issues and problems that were far beyond mere sleeplessness. I feel a lightness of mood that I haven’t felt in ages. I am sleeping better. Even my night terrors have stopped, amazing. I feel refreshed, revitalized and happy when I wake up in the morning. I arrive at work rested. I feel like my best self again. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back. My sessions with you made a powerfully positive impact on me.”

Patrick S.

Hypnosis for Impatience
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on my ‘de-stressing’ efforts. I approached hypnosis with skeptical optimism. My stress level was extreme and I didn’t like myself. I’m glad I decided to claim my life again and become empowered and a more at peace with me. After a few sessions with you, I’m more relaxed and feel empowered to handle stressful situations. I now know that I can redirect and refocus my coping mechanisms in a more calm and controlled manner. As far as I’m concerned, everyone should give themselves the gift of peace of mind, body and spirit—through the use of your hypnosis services.”

Matt J. T.

Hypnosis fore Academic Improvement
My Grades have improved greatly since coming to Buxmont Hypnosis. I’m more positve and happy. My relationship with my dad has improved as well.

JC  Student

Thank you Buxmont Hypnosis
I have been struggling with several underlying issues that I could not manage on my own, but with the help of Buxmont Hypnosis my life is back on track. The services they provide are so reasonable and they work around your schedule. I feel like they put you first before anything. Its defiantly worth every single dime. Not only am I living a better life but I have a much better future.

ZemirahS916 at Citysearch

“I was dealing with a lot of physical issues and stress. At BuxMont Hypnosis I thoroughly understood that Hypnosis was a state of becoming responsive to suggestions. I am the queen of skepticism. After my session I learned that I was actually extremely impatient with myself and quite critical. I now accept myself and less critical. Whoa, thank you so much. I’m feeling so much better in all aspects of my life.”

Perry Ellen G.

Concentration / Work Performance
“Thank you for all that you did for me during our sessions, and for teaching me self-hypnosis. It’s a great tool that I’m sure I will use for the rest of my life. I feel like my brain has been cleaned and de-cluttered. There was a lot of junk inside my head it affected me big time. I feel much more focused and more tasks oriented. Thanks again for your help.”

Arlene A.

Hypnosis for Confidence in Relating to People
“I can’t thank you enough for helping me! I can really do and say things now, that before, I couldn’t. I am able to approach everyday situations with a renewed confidence. I am less shy and more assertive I feel like my real personality is able to blossom now. You were kind, understanding, and professional.”

Stephen V.

Hypnosis for Performance/ Teaching
“I was offered an unexpected opportunity to teach as the head instructor. Hypnosis gave me the confidence to believe that I could perform at the level expected of me. I was determined to have faith that I’d get the job. I aced the interview and… that’s right I got the job. I am focused and self assured. After my first session, there was a major change. I’m enjoying my life and a whole lot more.”

Pablo P.

Hypnosis for Fear of Enclosed Spaces
“Fear is so powerful when gripped by it. Being sedated before plane trips did not help. I’m so grateful that I heard from a friend about you. Before our sessions, if I had to be in an enclosed area, I felt trapped, I couldn’t breathe. My heart would pound and my muscles would tense. That’s changed the useful tools given me help in so many ways. Thank you. I’m so glad I came to see you. You’re right I am the Master of my mind”

Fredeesha M.

Hypnosis for Fear of Elevators
“I was terrified, petrified, paralyzed of elevators. Embarrassing as a guy, I even walked eleven floors at the U of P hospital to see my uncle. My wife can’t believe that after all these years of being claustrophobic, I’m less apprehensive now. Finally! My visits with you helped so much. With greater confidence, I can do anything I set my mind to. I still do my self-hypnosis every day just because it feels good. Thanks for helping me feel strong and powerful and… I got my life back”

Luis R.

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