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Discovering That Hypnosis WORKS for you!

An amazing number of sources are talking about the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss. Dr. Phillip McGraw, Oprah, Dr. Oz to name a few. Even though you may not have been hypnotized before, Hypnosis is becoming more and more “mainstream.”

Imagine Yourself Succeeding

Tired of feeling fat? Are your clothes not fitting? Frustrated with dieting? Do you want better results? Try hypnosis for weight loss for better results!

What if you could have success in an easy and relaxed way? Wow! And without drugs…

  • NO diets
  • NO prepared food
  • NO rigid exercise plan
  • NO weighing food on a scale
  • NO counting carbohydrates, calories or fat

See what one of our satisfied clients has to say.

In April 2018 I topped the scale at 338 pounds. My Doctor has seen me grow in size and mass over the years and offered me surgical options to lose weight.

My hypnosis consultation was very comfortable and informative about myself and what I was looking for from BuxMont Hypnosis. My mentor believed more in me than I believed in myself at that time. From our weekly sessions together she uncovered what was truly holding me back; my attitude and my lack of motivation to lose weight.

Over the years, I worked many long days and gained many pounds. Approximately four years ago I began walking with a limp in my right foot and suffered right leg pain when I stood on feet for long periods of time. She introduced Rakai, another healing therapy for reconditioning one’s body. That uncomfortable aching pain in my right leg and foot had miraculously disappeared completely. I immediately began walking 2.5 miles a day.

After several weeks I transitioned into jogging and when the weather temperature plummeted, I enrolled myself into a fitness center.

BuxMont Hypnosis is still rooting for me. They provide me plenty of moral and educational support. I have lost approximately 20 inches around my waist line. When I met with my Doctor in December she congratulated me. “I can see you are melting those unwanted pounds away.”  I will be honored to remove “OBESE” from your medical chart permanently.

Thank you BuxMont. – John O.

Weight Loss Facts

– In the USA obesity among adults and children remain on the rise.
What does “Overweight” and “Obesity” really mean?
– “Overweight” is the excess amount of body weight that includes muscle, bone, fat, and water.
– “Obesity” more than doubles one’s chances of developing high blood pressure and other complications.
– The number of extra calories you must eat to gain a pound or burn to lose a pound: 3500 calories.
– Obesity more than doubles one’s chances of developing a disease.
– The fastest-growing group of overweight people in the United States are those who are 100 or more pounds overweight.
– Dr. Phil: “…conventional diet programs…embarrassingly can claim barely a 5% “success” rate. Put another way, this means that dieting has a 95% failure rate. 

Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food” (Hippocrates 400 B.C.)

You’ve tried every weight loss method there is: diets, exercise, pills, or may be prepared meals. But the weight keeps coming back, sometimes more than before.

Q – What will Hypnosis for Weight Loss do that diets and willpower can’t?hypnosis for weight loss

A – Our Hypnosis sessions offer you a new way to lose weight safely without drugs and teaches you how to focus on self-confidence

Approach goals with the right attitude to produce success, Get you through times when you need to change your outlook from discouraged to positive

Common Challenges Weight Loss Clients Experience

“I’ve tried diets, and I either just don’t have the willpower to finish, or I get thinner, but gain it all back after I go off the diet.”
Diet No More …Forever!

Diets fail 95% of the time… and gaining back more than you lose is quite common. Willpower born out of frustration might work great at first, but it’s hard to maintain results over time. Diets are not a sustainable option long term. Both diets and depending on willpower create a discouraging “deprivation mentality” psychologically, so no wonder they fail! It’s human nature, people just want to do things that are easy, effortlessly and fun! So create a clearly defined image of yourself succeeding in your mind and you will have success in life.

Fact: “Sixty percent of all Americans are overweight and the numbers are growing. It’s our number one health problem.”-Surgeon General

“I’m so tired and stressed by the end of the day, I look forward to snacking while I watch TV for a while.”

Hunger is not why you overeat. Gaining weight is often due to emotional reasons. Our Weight Loss Hypnosis programs get to the heart of issues. Overeating is a way of relaxing and using food for comfort makes you feel good. We help you retrain yourself how to get that same feeling without using food.

  • Be informed; learn the 7 things people do to end up fat.
  • Get past quick fix methods – learn nutrition and healthy, fun eating habits
  • Develop habits of naturally thin people – Eat like a thin person
  • Learn why incorrect exercise can blow your program
  • Learn why food deprivation causes weight loss to slow down

* A word of caution about one-session hypnosis group programs for weight loss:

Only a small percentage of attendees experience results—and those results are often temporary. Frequently held in hotels by practitioners based in other states, these programs are lacking in reinforcement and support, individualized attention, and suggestions customized to the needs of each person. Additional product purchases are often encouraged—so what seems like a small registration fee can result in much greater expense.

“You can gain Emotional Mastery Today”

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