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Hypnosis to Improve Sleep

It’s hard to function at your best when you are sleep deprived. You wake up tired and spend your day feeling sluggish, unfocused, and irritable. Poor sleep habits can impact your sense of well-being, your work, your relationships—and can lead to ill health and accidents. Hypnosis is a highly effective, gentle, drug-free way to relieve sleep problems for many people.

A Stressed and Overactive Mind
hypnosis to improve sleep
Daily worries, stresses, and troubling thoughts can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. You lie in bed, hoping for sleep, but have trouble pushing aside concerns. Or, perhaps you fall asleep promptly only to wake up later with your mind churning, as you replay unpleasant events or latch on to worries about the future. Your muscles tense and you just can’t seem to get comfortable.

Sleep Enhancement – A Natural Benefit of Hypnosis
Improved sleep is a natural benefit of hypnosis because hypnosis induces deep relaxation. Even clients who use hypnosis for other issues report that they sleep more soundly. Through the combination of hypnosis techniques and coaching sessions, the Sleep Improvement Program will…

  • Uncover factors contributing to your sleeplessness.
  • Provide hypnotic suggestions that induce sound sleep.
  • Prompt your mind and body to easily relax and let go of worrisome thoughts.
  • Educate you in proper “sleep hygiene.”
  • Empower you to use self-hypnosis to reinforce improved habits.

Hypnosis Program for Improving Sleep Quality
Using hypnosis, you can relax your body and mind, sleep more soundly, wake up refreshed as a peak performer. Motivated clients typically experience dramatic changes within three sessions – and often report substantial changes after the first session.

The Sleep Improvement Program is designed as a multi-session program (three to six sessions) to adequately address issues impacting your sleep. Initially, three sessions are scheduled. At the end of the third session, we’ll look at your progress and determine if additional sessions are appropriate. You will become a “partner” in the process of relaxation and sleep enhancement. That means taking a few minutes each day to practice self-hypnosis and to listen to your powerful hypnosis reinforcement program.

What to Expect at Your First Visit: Using Hypnosis to Relieve Sleep Problems
Expect your first visit to be pleasant, informative, and relaxing—and to be a spring board for helping you reach your goals. Our first meeting will include:

Make your mind work for you, rather than against you—and get ready to succeed!

“Make your life Hypnotic”

* A word of caution about one-session hypnosis group programs for weight loss :

Only a small percentage of attendees experience results—and those results are often temporary. Frequently held in hotels by practitioners based in other states, these programs are lacking in reinforcement and support, individualized attention, and suggestions customized to the needs of each person. Additional product purchases are often encouraged—so what seems like a small registration fee can result in much greater expense.

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