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PA Hypnosis Specialists from BuxMont Hypnosis Celebrate World Hypnotism Day

Abington, PA – Hypnosis has been accepted as a valid, scientific treatment since the mid-1950’s, by both The American and British Medical Associations, and it has been widely accepted by medical practices across the Western world. The benefits of hypnotism are known, understood, and studied by established academic institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. The United States military forces have also studied and utilized hypnosis.

How BuxMont Hypnosis’ PA Hypnosis Can Help With Pain & Stress

Back in the mid-1950s, both the American and British Medical Associations accepted hypnosis as a viable source, and yet today, hypnosis is criticized widely as being just another one of those ineffective, new-age treatments.

The reason that hypnosis is often perceived to be a sham is largely due to the media. When we think of hypnotists we picture mysterious characters that are often holding pocket watches or spiraled black-and-white gadgets. In reality, hypnotists are people who want to help people change their way of thinking about life situations.

PA Hypnosis Specialists from BuxMont Hypnosis Practice the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) With Their Clients

Abington, PA EFT is a form of psychological therapy that was developed by Gary Craig in 1993 to eliminate negative emotions and physical ailments that individuals struggle with. Much like hypnotism, EFT heals the body by releasing any potential blockages in the energy system. However, unlike hypnotism, EFT uses an acupressure technique to heal anything from physical pain to anxiety.

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