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Make Your Life Better Through Hypnosis!

Our Philadelphia Area Hypnotist Can Help Make Your Life Better!

Struggling to lose weight and stay motivated? Fed up with regularly buying bigger clothes and dieting? What if you were able to do all of these things and more by regaining control of the power you have over your own life? Our Philadelphia area hypnotist can make your life better thru weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress management.

Now is the time to take action! Through hypnosis, you will learn unique strategies to lose weight, reduce stress, energize your thinking, or make a positive life change.

At BuxMont Hypnosis, our Philadelphia area hypnotist, founder, director, and Master Hypnotist Society member Dawn Govan-Reese, empowers women, teens, men, and people from all walks of life to find their spiritual path and live to the fullest by getting a better handle on their lives. Hypnotism can have positive lifestyle changes including fat release, smoking cessation, and stress management – all of which can be improved through the power of the mind. Melt away all your fears from nail biting to hair pulling, and more.

Dawn Govan-Reese coaches each and every client, across the greater Philadelphia area, to realize they deserve improvement for a more complete life. She believes that the goal of hypnotism is to help people, especially business women, live the best and healthiest lives possible and remember that taking care of oneself is the most important part of life.

Wonderful things happen when you become aware of the power of your thoughts. Make the life change to choose hypnosis and get the results you deserve. Hypnosis encourages clients to change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve your goals in a relaxed and natural way.

Serving the greater area of Philadelphia, Hypnotist Dawn Govan-Reese from BuxMont Hypnosis can provide you with the proper tools to see you through your journey to a better life. Learn more about our services and what is offered in sessions across the greater Philadelphia area call: 267-622-5103.

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